Recurrent Breast Cancer

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel                                                    Middle-Age Sex Function: (Revised version)
Imagine this, a movie about mature people! Retirement- aged folks find new lives and happiness when they leave cloudy England and move to the Marigold Hotel in India. Anticipating a life of leisure, instead they find that the hotel needs a lot of fix-up. The story line involves long-lonely souls unexpectedly finding partners. One character, not having enjoyed female company for years, doubts his ability in bed and has Viagra on hand. The next morning at the breakfast table she reports they were up all night. He discovers because of his poor eye-sight he had taken aspirin instead of Viagra.
 Let's take a look at Viagra use in middle-aged men. The generic name of this medicine is Sildenafil. It helps penile erection by inhibiting an enzyme, phosphodiesterase, which relaxes smooth muscle, all of which aids an erection. Be aware of its side effects. Here are some. Stroke, heart attack, sudden death, severe low blood pressure, bleeding in the brain, lungs, and eyes; shock, anemia, staggered gait, seizures, hearing loss, blurred vision, elevated blood sodium, rash, diarrhea, nasal congestion, and skin sensitivity to light. I could add more to the list, but that would take another paragraph. The take home message:  if you're an older middle-aged guy and want to try it, make an appointment with your doctor.