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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Music training boosts working memory and executive function. For example, musicians tend to have sharper brain function compared to those who work in non-music jobs. Musicians may have sharper cognitive and academic capabilities compared to non-musical persons. 

Adult musicians and children who take music lessons appear to have heightened verbal fluency. In addition, they may have an easier time recalling a list of numbers backwards. 

Playing a musical instrument and physical exercise may both sharpen brain function. However, there are few studies that examined the benefits of music training on “executive function,” which includes planning and abstract reasoning.

 The prefrontal cortex (the forehead) is the portion of brain that is exercised by memory and decision making. Music training may improve brain function and memory.

Beware. Further research is needed to validate these findings. For example, brain studies to date have been predominantly in adults and not children. In addition, test results regarding music training might not have been adjusted for socioeconomic status. 

Why not consider enrolling in music lessons or vocal (choir) training? 
It's never too late to pick up an instrument or sign up for choir.
Source:  Medscape:
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