Recurrent Breast Cancer

Sunday, October 23, 2016

How to Avoid Spreading Disease.
Do no spit.
Do not put fingers in the mouth unnecessarily.
Do not pick the nose or wipe it on the hands or sleeves.
Do not put pencils in the mouth.
Do not put anything in the mouth without a good reason, and never when it has been in another’s mouth.
Do not use a common drinking cup.  Use your own.
Never cough or sneeze into the air or in another person’s face. Use a handkerchief.
If the hands become soiled with saliva or nasal secretion, wash them.
If you use another’s tobacco pouch, do not close it with your teeth.

Source: Myers,P., 1994, Disease Prevention:  U.S. Army Health services Command (Prov), Preventive Medicine Division, Medical War Manual, Sanitation for Medical Officers, by Edward Vedder MD. Published by Lea and Febiger, 1917.