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Saturday, October 27, 2012

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*Suicide is the eleventh cause of death in the U.S..
 *At least thirty six thousand people kill themselves every year
*Middle-aged people have higher suicide risk than young people.
 *Men have four times the suicide rate as women.
 *According to the Centers for Disease Control, ninety four people die by suicide every day.
 *There are twice as many suicide deaths weekly in U.S. compared to homicide deaths.

*For every suicide, there are ten suicide attempts.

*American Indian and Alaskan Natives are the highest risk groups.
*Men more successfully kill themselves, but more women make the attempt.  People with no family or friends are vulnerable.
*Most depressed people are not suicidal, but anyone depressed can become suicidal
Depression, psychiatric illness, and substance abuse play a role in more than ninety percent of suicides.

 *Depression and suffering with a belief that escape is hopeless. "Everyone would be better off      without me."
*Impulsive use of drugs and alcohol.
*Crying out for help and not knowing how to get it.
*A desire to die because of terminal illness with no hope of remission.
  *Hopelessness, impulsiveness, social isolation, and family/financial loss.

 A suicide gesture shows desire to commit suicide. It represents a goal to influence someone. Most successful suicides follow a history of previous attempts.

 Conclusion: My brother, Ralph, killed himself the day after Labor Day. He had lost his job. He is the man in the middle of the above picture.

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 For comments or questions, contact Dr. Clem at
 For comments or questions, contact Dr. Clem at

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