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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Knee pain is a common condition that affects middle-aged people. It may be due to an injury, such as torn cartilage in the joint, as well as arthritis, or gout. Joint infection can cause knee pain. Physical therapy and knee braces can alleviate discomfort. If these treatments fail, and function is impaired, surgery is considered.

Signs and symptoms include joint swelling, stiffness, and instability to straighten the knee. You may have joint redness,  and "giving out" of the joint.  

There are multiple causes of knee pain. It may be due to an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, fracture, torn meniscus, knee bursitis, and patellar tendonitis. An ACL injury is tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament. The knee meniscus is a rubbery cartilage that functions as a shock absorber, It can tear due to direct trauma or twisting of the joint. It's a common injury for those who play golf. Knee fractures or ligament tears could include the kneecap, as well as trauma due to vehicle accidents. Osteoporosis increases risk for knee fracture.

Patellar tendinitis is inflammation of the knee tendons in those who jog and cycle. Bone and cartilage could break off into the knee joint. The loose body might interfere with joint movement. 

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (IBS) occurs when the patella slips out of place. Distance runners are at risk.  

A dislocated kneecap occurs when the patella slips out of place due to dislocation. Those with hip or foot pain should change the way they walk or run in order to avoid joint dislocation. 

Degenerative knee arthritis is the most common type of joint arthritis. 

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is common in joggers. It is due to    instability of the patella. 

Risk factors for knee pain and weakness include obesity, lack of muscle flexibility, and joint weakness. Be cautious if you take part in alpine skiing, basketball, use of rigid ski boots, and history of prior knee injury. 

Here are some suggestions to lower your risk. Maintain a healthy weight, take time for conditioning your legs, and consider weight reduction. Focus on re-conditioning your hamstrings.  

Finally, be "smart" regarding your exercise. You might consider 
swimming, water aerobics, and walking.  

 Don't forget to exercise your upper extremities. Be cautious when you climb stairs. Use the handrails. Practice a healthy lifestyle, to include proper diet, and sleep hygiene. Consider tai-chi, yoga, cycling, and stationary biking. 

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