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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis. Over time the joint cartilage wears down. It affects the weight bearing joints, hands, knees, hips and spine. The condition can be managed. The goal of treatment is to preserve and enhance function.    

Factors that increase symptoms include older age. Women  are more likely to have the condition than men. Obesity contributes to symptoms Weight bearing joints, such as the hips, knees are especially affected.  joint trauma, such as a fall, increases risk.

Joint tenderness and stiffness are most likely during early mornings and after prolonged sitting, such as after long plane flight. 

Joint grating sensation. bone spurs, seen on x-rays, can validate the findings. X-ray imaging can validate the findings. MRI imaging may validate the findings. 

MRI imaging can facilitate the findings. 
Symptoms can be treated without surgery in most cases. Physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medicines.  Stretching, aerobics, Tai Chi, yoga improve balance, especially in a group setting. 

Cortisone injections in the joint may relieve pain. It is recommended to limit injections to no more than three to four injections over a year. Overuse of injections over time could weaken the cartilage and joint. Hyaluronic injections to the affected joint may help.

*Physical therapy improves strength and balance.  Swimming pool therapy, and walking equally effective. 

*Occupational therapy techniques such as using large grip tooth brush. Have a bench in your shower to relieve prolonged standing.

*Tai Chi and Yoga therapy combined with stretching and deep breathing. Led by a professional instructor. prevent falling or head trauma. 
*Bone re-alignment osteotomy. may be considered in special cases. this involves surgical removal a portion of leg bone. The procedure  shifts body weight away from the painful knee. 
Worn portions of the knee removed and replaced with plastic and titanium. 
*Lifestyle changes and exercise. Exercise increases endurance, strengthens muscles and improves balance. walking in pool, stationary bike.

*Don't overdo the training. If you have pain, decrease the intensity. Try a stationary bicycle. 
Consider a visit with a dietitian. 

*Aim for gradual weight loss. 
Over the counter medicines include Flexall Tablets, Aspercreme, 
Capsaicin, may relieve pain. It may be used three or four times daily. It is a component of chili peppers. Wash your hands after 
Topricin, Biofreeze Gel, Topricin, and Trivita Joint Complex. 

 *Use heat and cold to control pain. Heat relieves stiffness.
Pain creams work best when massaged into the joints. You may want to try shoe inserts for foot comfort. 

 *Gripping tools, such as opening a jar. 
*Osteopathic Manipulation and Chiopractic treatment are helpful
Acupuncture with or without current stimulation.

OTC meds for arthritis
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