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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Vision Problems in Older Adults.

Let's take a look at common eye problems that are prevalent in older adults. 

Presbyopia  is loss of ability to see close objects or small print.  It is a slow process that occurs over time. You may not notice this change until age forty or older. It can be treated with reading glasses. 

Floaters are tiny spots or specks that across the field of vision. Most people notice them in well-lit rooms or outdoors on a sunny day. They are benign, though they could indicate more severe issues, such as retinal detachment. If you notice a sudden change in your vision, schedule an appointment with your optometrist.   

Dry eyes occur when tear glands cannot produce enough quality tears. The condition can be uncomfortable, causing itching or burning. Sometimes it could lead to vision loss. Those with dry eyes or can lead to tearing or irritation.  The eyes try to wash out the irritation using excess tears. Consider purchasing a humidifier in your bedroom. There are over the counter eye drops, such as Thera Tears or Refresh. Special eyedrops may be used to block the tear ducts. Purchase a humidifier.
Tearing could be triggered by wind, bright light, and temperature changes. Wear your sunglasses when outside. Sometimes the condition may be due to an obstructed tear duct or a dusty environment.  Protect your eyes with sunglasses. 

Cataracts are cloudy areas that cover the eye lens. It can cause vision impairment. They form slowly, with redness or eye tearing. If they are large or thick, they can be surgically removed. 

Glaucoma is an eye condition with increased eye pressure.  If it is not treated, it could lead to permanent vision loss. Age and race are risk factors. It may be caused by blunt trauma, infection, or blood vessel blockage. Have your eyes checked at least annually.    Prescription or over the counter eye drops can ease the discomfort. 
Laser surgery may be indicated. 

Conjunctivitis also known as "pink eye. includes inflammation and itching. It occurs in all ages, It is frequently due to smoke or dust.   

Temporal arteritis  is a condition that includes severe headache. It is worstened with chewing. It may lead to vision loss over time. 
Additional symptoms include low grade fever. It may be exacerbated by an impaired immune system.    

Source:  Cleveland Clinic.