Monday, February 17, 2014

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"The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around."   Thomas A. Edison  

  Problems with storing your memory? Here is a list of on-line sources and games that improve concentration, memory, and mental focus. Provides a one to two month free trial before you pay for a subscription. It contains over forty games that exercise speed, attention, problem solving, and memory. In addition, it includes a built-in widget, called “Brain Performance Index,” that provides instant scoring.
   Raven’s Progressive Matrices: A bench mark program originated by John Raven for IQ testing in 1972. It is now revised. Downside: you have to pay a fee (Pounds Sterling) to the British distributor to get your test results. Upside: This program is one of the fore-runners that launched on-line brain training. An expansive blog site that covers brain health, wellness, and specific articles for improving brain function.  
   BrainHQ: An excellent program that bolsters short term memory and concentration. It is easy to navigate, provides numerical scores after each session, and provides aggregate scores.  Attractive graphics. Current cost is $10 per month.
   Creativity Brain Training Games: Fun and simple to use. Apparently free. Appealing graphics. More challenging than the web sites listed above. It is free. It has been set up as an IQ testing program.
   IXL.COM: An expansive website that provides training in math and language skills. It’s recommended for math teachers and students K-12th grades. The fee is $9.95 monthly and $79.00 annually. Superb web site that challenges the mind.  It includes puzzles, mathematics, and American history.

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