Recurrent Breast Cancer

About Dr. Clem

Clem Hanson is passionate about sharing medical information to non-medical readers using a humorous and soothing approach.  His goal is to edify and reassure readers, especially those with long term medical conditions, such as Alzheimer's.   
He is a board certified Occupational Health physician and retired U.S. Army Colonel. He served in a variety of military medical facilities overseas and in the U.S. during his twenty year medical career. 

He is a member of the Mile High Military Officers' Association of America and writes medical articles for the Colorado Chapter monthly newsletters. 

Four chapters of his novel, "Between Two Rivers", have been published as short stories by Harvest House, Adams Media and Command Magazine, Officer's Christian Fellowship. 

Clem and his wife, Mary, reside in Denver.  

Clem's acronym, "Dr. Clem." 

 His inspiration is Nick Vujicic, an Australian man, born in 1982 with a rare condition, Tetra Amelia Syndrome.  Nick has no arms and no legs.

Dr. Clem counseling a patient